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We, Ubiwhere, are a company based in Aveiro, Portugal, dedicated to research and development of software for Smart Cities and Future Internet sectors. One of our most recent success stories is BikeEmotion a company devoted to the construction of a next generation Electric Bike-Sharing. The company’s internal focus is now on the Citibrain brand, focused on unified systems for Smart Cities.

Ubiwhere at SCEWC FIWARE booth “For us, FIWARE came as a natural choice when looking for ways to leverage existing trusted technology to create interoperable, standards-based methods to unify our Smart City solutions.”, Rui Costa, CEO.

FIWARE plays a significant role in our Smart City strategy, playing the part of the standardisation layer that brings all its Smart Cities’ solutions and data sources together. Ubiwhere’s offer includes systems for Smart Parking and Traffic Management, Smart Waste Management, Smart Environmental Monitoring, Smart Vending and Smart Card, along with its City Control Center, which allows for centralised management of the city’s ecosystem.

FIWARE Node - @Porto

Logo - Câmara Municipal do Porto

FIWARE has allowed Ubiwhere to set up a sophisticated Smart City infrastructure powered by standards and interoperable at its core. With pilots beginning to spread throughout Portugal, the first major challenge came with the set-up of Porto (Portugal's second largest city and a member of OASC) Smart City Node.

With the support of Ubiwhere, Porto has been a pioneer city adopting FIWARE standards and together have developed the interfaces bringing access to real-time, contextual environmental data from 75 fixed and mobile units (monitoring stations) located across the city.

Scanners installed on the City Council’s 200+ fleet of vehicles enhance the data, creating a large-scale mobile scanner. External providers like the city’s water supplier, transport data providers, social media data and business startup statistics are all plugged into FIWARE's platform to allow the city itself to guide you as you explore, travel, and work.

Small demonstration built on top of Porto FIWARE:

Porto FIWARE demo



FIWARE Porto is a success story (Portuguese)